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Biochemistry of Microorganisms | Prof. Dr. Gerald Lackner

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A warm welcome to the Chair Biochemistry of Microorganisms!

Microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, are not only fascinating life forms but also essential players in food production. They play a pivotal role in fermentation processes, such as lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation. However, not all microorganisms are beneficial: some can cause food spoilage or even lead to food poisoning. It's undeniable that bacteria and fungi profoundly influence our diet and health.

A particularly intriguing phenomenon is the ability of microbes to produce bioactive natural compounds. While some of these substances act as toxins causing food spoilage, others, like vitamins and antibiotics, can have positive effects on our health.

At the Chair of Microbial Biochemistry, we investigate microbes and their role as producers of bioactive compounds. Our goal is to discover new microbial natural products and to understand the metabolic pathways leading to their formation. We employ cutting-edge technologies, from genome analyses to metabolomics. Furthermore, we explore methods of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology to harness the full potential of microbes as living cell factories for bioactive compounds.

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